Standard Range Tapeformer

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Tape widths ranging from 5mm (3/16 inch) +
The Extra Long TapeFormer has been developed to bring the exit of the TapeFormer close to the tip inside the extruder head.
The reason for having the exit close to the tip inside the extruder is so the tape is not allowed to unfold. The Model XL is manufactured to suit your application.

When ordering the Model XL please specify:
Internal diameter of the extruder tube leading to the tip.
The length of the tube from the entrance of the extruder to the tip.
The distance from the TapeFormer mounting screw centres to the entrance of the extruder.
Our engineers can give you specific advice and guidance should you require.

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    Tape width

    Inside diameter of the restriction the TapeFormer is to fit into

    Length of restriction

    Tape Thickness

    Is there a joint in the tape (splice).? If yes, what is the thickness :

    Cable Diameter under the tape :



    Cable Guide Options B:

    Tapeformer cable guide B

    Exit Options B:

    Tapeformer Exit options model B

    Friction Reduction B:

    Tapeformers ceramic insert

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