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Tapeformers Specials Range

Customised TapeFormers built for specialised purposes

Special TapeFormers

Specially designed TapeFormers
Special tapeformer block image

Jelly Filled Cable

For jelly filled cable
Jelly filled cable tapeformer block image

Fleece Tape

Pre TapeFormer tape guide
21mm to 35mm
Fleece tape tapeformer block image

Double Wrap

Double wrap TapeFormer
Double wrap tapeformer block image

Micro TapeFormers

For tape widths between:
4mm to 12mm
Micro tapeformer block image

Lan Twist TapeFormer

Designed to be mounted in a holder
Lan twist tapeformer block image

Extra Long TapeFormer

Manufactured to a length you specify
Extra long tapeformer

Short TapeFormer

For large tape widths:
Recommended 400mm+
Short tapeformer cat

Profile S TapeFormer

Folds one edge of the tape
Back on itself
Profile S tapeformer cat

Mounting Benches

Adjustable TapeFormer
Mounting Benches
Tapeformers adjustable mounting benches

Tape Payoff

With integrated TapeFormer
Mounting Benches
Tape payoff with integrated tapeformer mounting benches
Tapeformers longitudinally form tapes

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Longitudinally form tapes Tapeformers catalogue
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